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Jon Bon Jovi: “The Desmond you don’t know about, is the one who not only taught me the next level of songwriting, but so many of the true aspects of friendship: truth, honor and loyalty. We’ve been through a lot together – the ups and downs…and ups again.”

Steven Tyler: “Desmond’s a chameleon. The first time we met, we wrote ‘Angel’ in about an hour and 45 minutes – and I’m not bullshitting. The guy’s a f#@king genius.”

Gene Simmons: “Desmond is the perfect songwriter. Neither styles in music nor trends and fads have ever held him back from doing what he does best, which is craft a song like nobody else can. I have to honestly say he has completely floored me with his songwriting craftsmanship. I admire him and applaud him.”

Joan Jett: “Desmond is a genius for tapping into a performer’s persona to create music that is intensely commercial without compromising the artist’s integrity.”

Alice Cooper: “Desmond is a slave-driving slut.”