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Desmond Child: Live and help live!

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Α songwriter and producer, who during the 80’s infused the global musical landscape with an electric charge that still pulses through our culture today. Think of songs that have soundtracked your life, and chances are, Child had a hand in them. Songs that are not just chart-toppers, but truly timeless tunes that branded themselves onto the DNA of rock ‘n’ roll, such as “Poison,” “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and “I Was Made for Lovin’ You”. And as evidenced by the Latin explosion he ignited before the new millennium, ushering in a new era of Latin pop with “Livin’ la Vida Loca“, Desmond Child can transcend boundaries as easily as penning one of his rock anthems.

His life story reads like an epic journey, filled with the highs of exhilaration, the depths of darkness, the struggle, triumph, heartache – all the elements that form a captivating narrative. This past September, the world gained insight into this remarkable, empowering journey through his autobiography, “LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER: BIG SONGS BIG LIFE”, a seven-year project for him and co-author David Ritz.

In this interview, we’re taking a trip through the rock ‘n’ roll vortex – from his roots in Gainesville, Florida, to the mean streets of ’70s New York City, where he was baptized in the fire of the music scene. We’re digging deep into the influences that make his songwriting groove, roots planted in his Cuban-American heritage and a burning love not only for Latin rhythms and melodies but a deep affinity for Greece and its heritage that for more than 20 years now has been adding an extra layer of richness to his musical tapestry. For me, this interview was a bucket list-topper, this is why it’s published in its entirety and only slightly edited for clarity.

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