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Desmond Child’s Music Success Story Reveals Star-Studded Drama, Dysfunction, And Insight

By September 21, 2023No Comments

FORBES Nancy Berk

Desmond Child’s new memoir Livin’ On A Prayer: Big Songs Big Life (released September 19) was a 7-year project for the prolific songwriter and producer who seems to turn out hits faster than you can say “Bon Jovi.” While some might dive into the book hoping for a how-to on finding the kind of success Child has achieved in the music business, most will find more empowering lessons between the lines of this page-turner.

Livin’ On A Prayer, written with David Ritz, reads like a colorful feature film moving the reader through a painful childhood and family story marked by turmoil, poverty, secrecy, drive, and talent into a hard to crack industry tainted by greed, jealousy, and narcissism. Child is the rags-to-riches hero, the kid with talent, now quick to admit that determination, a non-stop work ethic, chance meetings, and luck all played a part.

The Backstory
“My mom passed away 11 years ago, and she was a songwriter. And she was a real hustler. She just wanted to make it so bad. And being an immigrant, not really mastering English, and living in poverty, held her back a lot,” explained Child in a recent interview describing his mother’s sacrifices to give him opportunity. Full story


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